Scagliola Colours & Styles

Scagliola is a marble-like material made from plaster, pigments and glue, polished by hand to a brilliant shine. Our co-founder David Hayles is widely considered to be the leading expert in both traditional and marezzo scagliola – you can even contact David himself to purchase a copy of his book ‘Scagliola Magic’, contact him here. Scagliola is a versatile and beautiful artificial medium that can be produced in a wide range of forms and colours. These colours don’t have to be, but can imitate natural minerals and is now considered to be one of the most prestigious materials in the building trade.

Below you can find examples of the colours and styles you can choose from, but with great imagination comes great flexibility so do not hesitate to speak to our team about unique colours and styles for your project.

colour and style 1 scagliola sienna mid range
colour and style 2 convent sienna
colour and style 3 light sienna
colour and style 15 porphyry
colour and style 6 granite
colour and style 7 verde antico
colour and style 8 porto oro
colour and style 10 verona rossa
colour and style 11 blue and cream
colour and style 13 Giallo sienna. 13jpg
colour and style 15 Malachite no black 15
colour and style 16 Travertine Noce
colour and style 18 Griotte de Belloc 18
colour and style 21 Belgian Black 21
colour and style 24 Verde Tinos 24
colour and style 25 Antique Carrera
colour and style 28 Rhodonite
colour and style 14 Black and Gold 14
colour and style 19 Verona Rossa Version3 dark 19
colour and style 22 Portland
27 Black Granite 500 x 500

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Why Hayles & Howe?

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The high standard of craftsmanship the company achieves has been recognised by many awards including the Queens’s Award, the Plaisterers’ Trophy and Humber Silver Salver to name a few.

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We are an International company which was established in Bristol, England in 1978 by David Hayles to specialise in the manufacture of ornamental plaster and scagliola.

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We have a talented team of designers and modellers with more than thirty years of experience, they are dedicated to fulfilling any design brief the company receives.