Our talented and experienced in-house designers and sculptors produce some truly stunning plasterwork.

Hayles and Howe have workshops and offices in the UK in Bristol and Crediton, Devon, and in the USA at Baltimore, Maryland .

We have a talented team of designers and modellers with more than thirty years of experience, they are dedicated to fulfilling any design brief the company receives. If you have an idea and are not sure how to make it happen, please contact us.

The company’s modellers and sculptors are well versed in the historical styles be it a delicate Adam centrepiece, Gothic boss or Art Nouveau stem. Our designers can also make use of the many details and mouldings that have been acquired over many years of restoration of historic buildings. This can avoid the expense of new custom-made mouldings. We also supply a range of Jacobean and Georgian style ceilings which are shown in this catalogue.

Over the years the company has been involved in both the restoration and conservation of many Adam Ceilings. In 2006 the company embarked on a major new build project in Pueblo Colorado USA that was a reproduction of the Library at Kenwood House in North London and the ante room at Syon House, West London. The project involved a complete design programme, remodelling and manufacture of the barrel vault ceiling, mirror ornament and statues; also new digital copies of the original paintings by Antonio Zucchi.


As a highly trained ornamental plastering company the quality of our work is one of our most important values. We are proud to be able to instil confidence in our clients that we can produce award winning results by our exquisite attention to all the finest details for any of our decorative plasterwork.


Like our business our plasterwork products are here for the long haul, the quality of our work is recognised by numerous awards. Whether we are involved with a project big or small we want to ensure that our work stands the test of time. And where required provide the skills & expertise to conserve and restore ornamental plastework.


Part of the value we can provide to our clients is achievable because we understand the importance of investing in our team. We are regularly investing in upskilling our workforce with the latest industry recognised techniques and invest in developing their skills for the benefit of our business and our clients.


With a workforce of over 40 strong. Hayles and Howe have over 40 years of experience of working with fibrous plaster and scagliola. We are proud to have been awarded the Investors in People Silver standard for demonstrating our commitment to realising the potential of our team and applying to to our projects.


Our team of modellers and sculptors not only undertake regular training but they are very versed in historical styles and skills. This skillset allows us to produce more creative and effective results especially when it comes to our restoration and conservation services.


Our focus isn’t only on our people and team. We understand that the children in our community could be our next designers, craftsmen and business people. This is why we regularly host local schools so that pupils can learn more about what we do and the skill behind our craft.

Examples of Our Work…

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We don’t just want you to take our word for it. Our work and results over the years perfectly demonstrate the skills and attention to detail we put into every carefully crafted piece of ornamental plasterwork and scagliola.

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