Providing a specialist service in the manufacture of columns, pilasters, pedestals and capitals of any size required in both scagliola and fibrous plaster.

We have a range of both plain and fluted columns and pilasters in both scagliola and plaster. Our columns can be any height or style required and include an entasis (natural taper), based on the height of the column or pilaster.

Our columns can be supplied in halves if necessary to clad steel or concrete support stanchions to which they can be securely fixed. Any of our columns, capitals and bases can be custom-made to any specific design just find out more about our design services.

Columns are vertical elements, usually a rounded shaft with a capital and a base, which in most cases serves as a support usually beams or arches. A column may also be non-structural, used for a decorative purpose or as a freestanding monument (pedestals).

In the field of architectural design a column is used for decoration as well as support. Columns may be rectangular, circular, or polygonal in shape; they may taper toward the top (entasis) or be of uniform diameter if required. An engaged, attached, or embedded column is one that is built into a wall and protrudes only partially from it; this type of column is purely decorative and known as a pilaster. Modern columns are simply designed to be made of iron, steel, or concrete and are simply designed.

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Since our formation in 1978, our team has grown both in the UK and USA to a team of over 40 skilled workers. We have a talented team of designers and modellers with more than thirty years of experience. The team are truly dedicated to fulfilling any design brief we receive.

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Our resources section is where you’ll find our extensive catalogue, but can also read our latest news and interesting case studies and projects where we share our expertise and want to inspire you with different design ideas.

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We can provide advice and personal service for any sized residential or commercial projects across the UK and abroad. Our team have a broad range of experience in the inspection, conservation and restoration of theatres and public buildings.

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