3D Laser Scanning

With the use of a 3D laser scanner you can capture any environment in any condition with millimeter accuracy. One person operation provides cost efficient working and ease of use on site. The point cloud data captured by the scan can be used to create fly through videos, Webshare interactive files and reflective ceiling plans and elevations, either in captured light or hand traced drawings. The data can also provide HD imagery and storage for reports and historic digital documents. As well as providing a measuring facility to examine hard to reach areas up close and in more detail. The 3D scan data is ideal for examining areas you can not access, discussing at meetings and the pre planning of space.

Photos Through Any Section of the Building – Maintenance Works

Using the SCENE software Hayles and Howe can cut a section through any part of the scan and take a photo from any angle. These can be used to view hard to see areas. Pre planning design work can find this feature very useful when working away from site. Examining hard to reach areas can be made simple and viewed in an office environment. This reduces the need for mewps and other access equipment being used on site, therefore producing savings in time and money.

Beautiful 2D Images of 360 Degree Space

The scanner can take a 360 degree image of the space being scanned. Creating beautiful 2D images of a 3D space. Useful in advertising and marketing projects.

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No longer do you need a pencil, paper and tape measure to survey a building. The 3D scanner can survey your building with minimal effort to millimeter accuracy. The scanner requires only one person to operate on site saving time which saves you money. The resolution of the scanner can be altered to capture more or less detail depending on the time set for each scan. More detail requires more time per scan. The average scan time is about 15mins per scan with approx 30 scans you can cover 3 floors of a theatre in one day.


These files can be created from scanned data. Storing the data on a USB stick or PC hard drive and using a Google Portal you can access and view the scan whenever you want from anywhere in the world. You can view the scanned area in a planar view or a 3D view which allows you to move around the space. Measurements can be taken in Webshare and digital documents can be attached to the Webshare file. Idea for pre planning of the space and stage/set design, discussion in meetings off site along with storing historic digital data in one place. The Webshare files are user friendly and come with a user guide for those with limited IT knowledge.


Faro 3D Laser scanners are accompanied by SCENE software. This allows us to create point cloud data that can be moved into CAD software and manipulated. Hayles and Howe can now provide reflective ceiling plans and elevations with great accuracy. Created in house on Microstation software by our skilled CAD Technician. DGN, DWG, JPEG, PNG and PDFs can all be supplied to meet your requirements. Reports often require drawings for surveying use. With drawing from a scan you can now provide maintenance records with precise accuracy on historic repairs and even movement.

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Greenway House – Case Study

“A delightful and virtually undetectable example of rendering restoration.” said the judges of the FPDC Awards. Our work on this National Trust property was a year-long project involving the highest level of quality workmanship.

Royal Opera House – Case Study

A part revamp of the Royal Opera House’ auditorium saw our team suspended on a ‘flying carpet’ platform to repair and redecorate the fibrous ceiling plaster work. The project took two weeks and saw the team repair the balcony fronts and survey the frieze above the stage..