House of Muses, Museum of London

During the summer of 2014 a striking new pavilion opened at the entrance of the museum of London. Featuring as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2014. Conceived as the pillar of an imagined lost cathedral The House of Muses offers visitors a chance to share their thoughts on how to help shape the future of the museum. Thus the temporary installation has been commissioned in collaboration between the Museum of London and The Architecture Foundation. Leading them to seek a design team that could master the creation of a structure for contemplation about the physical transformation of the museum. London/Zurich-based practice GRUPPE were the decided winners from an international competition which attracted over 70 entries.

A Structure For Contemplation

The plywood installation had a render finish with our very own plaster work and Scagliola. Creating a pillar of this imagined lost cathedral. Deliberately reflecting the past in its shape and in the craftsmanship of its surfaces, while acting as a place to consider the future.

The story behind this beautiful installation started in earnest at our workshop in Bristol. Focusing on a real team effort where everyone was involved in producing such a fine output. Our workshop in Credition produced the scagliola used in the seating areas. (No: 22 Antique Carrara, from our standard range of scagliola). Enjoyment filled the workshop from all of the team working on this challenging project.

An Exciting Project

Although the house of Muses draws heavily on classical forms for inspiration it is a very contemporary piece. Mark Burston, our Scagliola Production Manager , ‘All in all it was a great project with a more modern outlook’. Arguably this was quite a different project for the team to take on. This was exciting for everyone in the workshop to be able to apply their skills on such a prestigious and completely artisan project.

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